How to choose the right VPS

So this day has come. You have decided to abandon shared hosting and switch to VPS. The expectations are quite obvious: neighbors do not take power and the site flies, you have full control of all processes and can adjust the system parameters based on your own needs. Let’s together analyse how to select Cheap Windows VPS thus prospects become reality.

Types of virtualization

The first thing worth paying attention to is the type of virtualization. The following technologies are most common:

Xen – It allows you installing any Linux operating system and any kind of kernel. It happens to work as a stand-alone server, is flexible and fast.

OpenVZ – It is a time-tested technology that works with any Linux operating system. It is inexpensive and allows for efficient resource allocation, but does not support its own kernel and has limitations on working with devices and pseudo-devices.

Windows VPS – Optimized for Windows. The only correct solution for sites that run on ASP or ASP.NET.

Cloud VPS – this technology combines several servers into a cluster, so you can always increase the storage capacity. Differs in high speed of work, fault tolerance and flexibility of settings.

KVM VPS – works as a physical dedicated server, provides full control over processes and allows you to fine-tune the system for yourself.

Tips for choosing a hosting provider

Unfortunately, the quality of the services provided depends not only on the technical characteristics, but also on the reliability of the company itself and its interest in long-term work. It is recommended checking the following information:

Find out whether the hosting provider of your choice leases the equipment or has its own data center and server park. In the case of a lease, the provider does not fully control the servers, and the data center itself may close for reasons beyond its control.

When encountering a provider for the first time, take a look at the payment methods available and the down payment. If you can pay for the service only through Web money or QIWI, then most likely this is a young provider that will not stay afloat for long. Unwillingness to register a legal entity speaks of a frivolous approach to business. Also, you should be alerted by the inability to pay for services for a month. If you are immediately offered rent for three months, six months or a year, even at a very attractive price, you should not agree. It is highly likely that by providing low quality services, the provider retains customers only because they feel sorry for the money already spent.

Look at the reviews about the provider. You should not be interested in the number of problems (everyone has them), but in how the hoster reacts to negative comments. Do not trust those who deny problems or bring solutions to a private conversation. If the provider publicly provides a report on the solution of the problem, and if the client is wrong, he can explain in detail and clearly what his mistake is, then such a company can be trusted.

The numbers are in numbers, but you can only be sure of the quality of services by testing them. A good hosting provider always provides a test period during which you can decide whether or not to stay with them.